Hello and welcome to Kate Renovates – a blog about my attempts at renovation.

The Boyfriend and I have been living in our house for just over six months and changes are being made slowly.  It’s an unloved Victorian townhouse that had been converted into two flats.  Armed with a little bit of know-how and bags of enthusiasm, the plan is to spend the next few years turning it all back into one house and our home.

Many of the original features remain but the flats have been rented out over the last few years and so none of the rooms are in great shape.  Luckily, it has a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom and while they aren’t our dream designs, they are more than adequate for the time being.  We moved in straight away and have been doing the work bit by bit while we live in a few rooms downstairs.  We’ve not done any major work yet as we’ve been getting to know the house and have just been stripping everything back room by room.

We’ll learn as we go and share our ups (and downs) on here as we try (fingers crossed) to bring the house back to life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my blog or any tips you may have on our house project, so to contact me, please email katerenovates@gmail.com


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