This time last year I took a look back at what we had achieved over the last twelve months and so I thought I would do the same again now.  For the first time the house is definitely starting to feel like a home and I think I can confidently say the days of squatting in our house are over!  We got married back in June and so the house was not the focus for much of the year and then we had the flood which pushed us back even further but having spent the last few months camping in the living room some big steps were taken just before Christmas to push the project forward.

We spent the new year holiday away with some friends and in the past I have dreaded coming home (more than the normal end of holiday blues) due to the fact the hotel or holiday home was always so much more comfortable than what I was returning to.  This time however I returned to my carpeted house and treated myself to my first bath in my new bathroom.  Not only that but the heating was on and it was actually warm and cosy!

So, this year, we have done the following:

  1. Installed new banisters where needed and fixed the old ones
  2. Decorated the hallway from the front door all the way up to the top floor including the wood paneling, new cornicing and painting
  3. Carpeted the stairs, the landings, the guest room, our bedroom and my study
  4. Installed a new four pane window on the top floor landing
  5. Replaced the ceiling on the top floor
  6. Painted the guest room and put a fireplace back in there
  7. Painted my study
  8. Painted our bedroom as well as installing new blinds and a light
  9. Finished off all the pluming and electrics on the top two floors
  10. Replaced all of the old plug sockets and light switches with shiny new ones
  11. Plastered, tiled and painted the bathroom as well as installing the underfloor heating, toilet, shower, sink and bath
  12. Replaced the smoke alarms on all floors and installed a security alarm
  13. Installed a door between the two rooms in the basement which was a request from the building regulations department
  14. Finally, as a result of the flood we have replaced all of the damp proof membrane and tanking in the basement, replaced all of the doors and painted it all – the new bathroom is very close to being finished too

Since we moved in our bathroom has gone from this:









to this:









(We just need a mirror, some blinds to replace the bin bags we are currently using and a cupboard to install all The Husbands 101 products!)

Our bedroom has gone from:


to this:


(We now just need to save for some bedroom furniture as we’re just using a mattress on the floor at the moment)

And the hall has gone from this:

Dividing wallto this:


(We just need to retouch some of the paint work, varnish the banisters and finish the floor).

In an ideal world, this time next year we’ll have:

  1. An office downstairs for The Husband
  2. A staircase we’re 100% happy with
  3. A dressing room on the first floor
  4. Unpacked our wedding presents that are still neatly wrapped in boxes in our bedroom!


About katerenovates

Hello and welcome to Kate Renovates - a blog about my attempts at renovation. The Husband and I have now been living in our house for four years and changes are being made slowly. It's an unloved Victorian townhouse that had been converted into two flats. Armed with a little bit of know-how and bags of enthusiasm, we have turned it back into one house and are transforming it into our home. Many of the original features remain but the flats had been rented out and so none of the rooms were in great shape. Luckily, it has a fully functioning kitchen and we recently finished the new bathroom and so things are getting more and more comfortable all the time. We're learning as we go and sharing our ups (and downs) on here as we try (fingers crossed) to bring the house back to life. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my blog or any tips you may have on our house project, so to contact me, please email katerenovates@gmail.com
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