Finally, we’ve got to a point where we can start to make some positive improvements to the house.  To date, it’s all been about stripping things back and demolishing walls but with the good weather set to stay we want to get the roof sorted.  We’ve said from the start that our one goal for the year is to fix the roof and install a new (real) fire.

The roof does not need replacing but is in drastic need of some TLC and the woodwork is looking very sorry for itself.

IMG_1175 IMG_1174We were therefore very excited about the arrival of the scaffolding.

ScaffoldingIt also enabled us to go up and have a closer look for ourselves and while we knew there were some problems it was quite scary to see the size of the holes! 

IMG_1227 IMG_1796

IMG_1210 IMG_1221

The pointing around the roof and the chimneys will all get sorted in the coming weeks but we’re not going to do the rest of the house for now – it would look much smarter if we did it but it’s not an essential job so it’s one for the future.

The Boyfriend has got to work straight away stripping back the barge boards and while it is slow work he’s made some great progress.

IMG_1222 IMG_1223

Another benefit of the scaffolding is the nice roof top views – I feel a bit like Mary Poppins up there!

IMG_1219We’ve got a long way to go but hopefully we’ll have a dry and warm house in time for the autumn.

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Hello and welcome to Kate Renovates - a blog about my attempts at renovation. The Husband and I have now been living in our house for four years and changes are being made slowly. It's an unloved Victorian townhouse that had been converted into two flats. Armed with a little bit of know-how and bags of enthusiasm, we have turned it back into one house and are transforming it into our home. Many of the original features remain but the flats had been rented out and so none of the rooms were in great shape. Luckily, it has a fully functioning kitchen and we recently finished the new bathroom and so things are getting more and more comfortable all the time. We're learning as we go and sharing our ups (and downs) on here as we try (fingers crossed) to bring the house back to life. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my blog or any tips you may have on our house project, so to contact me, please email
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  1. Robsey says:

    Yeah, exciting stuff and can’t believe you have been up there!

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