As we’ve mentioned before, our new house needs a little bit of love to bring it back to life.  I therefore thought that I should capture what it is like at the moment before we start altering and changing anything.

From the outside it all just looks a little bit tired, the windows and guttering all need to be replaced and the roof needs tidying up.  This is definitely our first priority and we’re waiting to get some quotes back.

We have a large white front door that currently has about a 3cm gap underneath it and is in desperate need of a lick of paint but I really like the steps leading up to it.  One day we’d like to replace the large glass window next to it and above it with a stained glass pattern but that is a long way off.

We also have a small iron gate that isn’t the most welcoming thing to meet our guests and two (overgrown) flower beds that follow you up the path.








The path continues down the side of the house to a patio area at the back that will one day be home to our garden table and a shed.  At the moment it just needs a good sweep and the cracked concrete is looking a bit sorry for itself.  There is also a huge fire escape running all the way down the back of the house.









On making it to the front door, you are greeted by one of my favourite features – a lovely tiled lobby.  I’d love to think it will go all the way back but I’m not getting my hopes up.  As the house was two flats, this is where the dividing wall starts.  I’m very excited about the day we can knock the wall down.

Starting with the ground floor, you walk down a corridor and the first room you come to is the living room.  It has a nice high ceiling, a fireplace (that we’d like to open again) and wide bay windows.








Next along is the dinning room that overlooks the back garden/yard.  Then comes the kitchen which has lots of fitted units and is more than adequate for now.  The plan is to knock down the wall and merge the two rooms but that will not be for a long time yet.

Right at the back of the house is a door with steps leading down to the garden followed by a shower room and toilet.

Walking back into the kitchen there is a door on the left taking you down to the basement.  The rooms have been converted into living areas which is one of the things that attracted us to the house.  There are two large rooms down there, a small bathroom with built-in cupboards and two further built-in cupboards in the hallway.  There was quite a lot of damp down there when we moved in and we were planning to avoid it until we’d found the cause but things have improved drastically now we’ve turned the heating on.  After a deep clean we have actually decided to sleep down there for the time being.








Going back to the front door you find the steps leading up to the first floor.  At the top of the stairs you come out in the middle of the landing with the bathroom and toilet to the left.

They are currently two separate rooms but over time we’d like to merge them together to make one large house bathroom.  We currently have no water up there so we haven’t used them at all yet.








In the middle of the landing is one of the bedrooms but it was used as a living room when the house was two flats.  For some reason it is currently the home to the upstairs boiler.

At the front of the house is the room that will one day be the master bedroom but currently has all of the old kitchen units in it.  I am a big fan of the fireplace though and so we hope to keep it if we can.

Finally you come to the little room that was the flat’s kitchen but that we hope to make into an en-suite bathroom/shower room.  In order to get the mortgage we had to remove the kitchen before we moved in so it is just a scary green mess at the moment.

In the left hand corner of the landing, the stair case continues up to the top floor.  I’ve mentioned the large windows at the top of the stairs before but they are still one of my favourite features.  When the sun shines they feed light all the way down the stairs and so I’m hoping that when we take down the dividing wall and open up the staircase the light goes all the way through the house.

Up at the top are two more rooms.  One will be a bedroom and the smaller of the two will be a study.  We think this will be one of the first rooms completed as it just needs to have a radiator added and then decorated.  Actually it also needs a new window so maybe it won’t be that easy.

So, that’s the tour – there is loads to do but we’re settling into the rooms in the downstairs flat and are trying to get a balance between unpacking and settling in and leaving things in boxes as there will be lots of moving around until we finally get settled.  It’s very exciting though…

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Hello and welcome to Kate Renovates - a blog about my attempts at renovation. The Husband and I have now been living in our house for four years and changes are being made slowly. It's an unloved Victorian townhouse that had been converted into two flats. Armed with a little bit of know-how and bags of enthusiasm, we have turned it back into one house and are transforming it into our home. Many of the original features remain but the flats had been rented out and so none of the rooms were in great shape. Luckily, it has a fully functioning kitchen and we recently finished the new bathroom and so things are getting more and more comfortable all the time. We're learning as we go and sharing our ups (and downs) on here as we try (fingers crossed) to bring the house back to life. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my blog or any tips you may have on our house project, so to contact me, please email katerenovates@gmail.com
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