We finally got hold of the keys on Wednesday and are now the proud owners of this house:

I think I always thought that when I did eventually move house I’d have a couple of days off work, the sun would be out and I’d be able to put all my attention into getting settled in.  Unfortunately, work commitments haven’t let that happen but we’ve done lots in just four days.

It was quite odd driving over as I was coming from a different place than usual and so I arrived in the town in an unfamiliar area.  I suddenly realised I didn’t know where I was or how to get to where I now lived.  This was my home and I was feeling a bit lost (plus it was very dark and wet).  I then approached the park in the centre of town and saw all the trees had lights in which looked lovely and it reminded me how much we like the area we’ve moved to.  Then, as I drove into the road, I saw lots of little children out trick-or-treating with their families and my heart melted a little bit.  I’m not actually a fan of trick-or-treating but it was a perfectly timed little reminder of how friendly the area looks.

When I finally arrived (late) it was still pouring with rain and I found The Boyfriend examining two very damp walls.  We knew that there was a bit of a damp problem, and hopefully we know what is causing it, but it wasn’t the best of greetings.  The walls could at least have waited a few days to show their true identity.  Luckily everything else seems to be as we expected.

We turned on the water (complete with dripping tap that’s been added to the ‘Urgent Jobs’ list) and started to clean before heading out to discover what the local fish and chip shop was like.

We were pleased to discover that the previous owners had left us a washing machine.  It is not the most exciting of things, and is pretty old, but it is more than adequate for now as it fits perfectly in a little gap.  We did a quick test wash and then on returning from the fish and chip shop The Boyfriend managed to snap the handle off as he opened it! We think we’re now sorted again but it was quite funny at the time.

As the house has been two flats we currently have two gas/elec supplies.  We’re going to move into the downstairs part to start with and once we got the radiators going down there  it soon warmed up.  It has been empty for months but already the ‘musty’ smell is fading.  The last few days have all been about Project: Deep Clean.  The Boyfriend has done far more than me as I’ve been away with work but we want to get it as clean as possible so that next weekend we can actually move in.  The Boyfriend is loving the steam cleaner we bought and I just hope the novelty doesn’t wear off.  The kitchen is almost done and The Boyfriend’s organised the most important cupboard:

Yesterday, we were helped by The Boyfriend’s mum who has managed to transform the basement from an area we were avoiding and didn’t think we’d use for months into one that we think we’ll actually use as our bedroom to start with.

Our first project is to waterproof the house so that we can start to dry everything out – we’re pretty confident we know what needs to be done and we’ve got some builders coming to have a look this week.  However, the size of the whole project hit us both a bit yesterday as we went wandering around the upstairs flat.  It is freezing up there at the moment and the ‘en-suite’ needs a bit of work:

However, one of my favourite parts of the house is a huge window on the top floor.  Yes, it is rotting and in urgent need of some TLC but we have a plan and when the sun is out and lights floods down the staircase it makes it all seem okay.


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Hello and welcome to Kate Renovates - a blog about my attempts at renovation. The Husband and I have now been living in our house for four years and changes are being made slowly. It's an unloved Victorian townhouse that had been converted into two flats. Armed with a little bit of know-how and bags of enthusiasm, we have turned it back into one house and are transforming it into our home. Many of the original features remain but the flats had been rented out and so none of the rooms were in great shape. Luckily, it has a fully functioning kitchen and we recently finished the new bathroom and so things are getting more and more comfortable all the time. We're learning as we go and sharing our ups (and downs) on here as we try (fingers crossed) to bring the house back to life. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my blog or any tips you may have on our house project, so to contact me, please email
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