Weeks and weeks ago we ordered our carpets which felt like we’d reached a major milestone.  However, we suddenly realised we had a huge list of jobs to do before they could arrive. Luckily, we had arranged for the hall carpets to come at a later date and so it was just the bedrooms that we needed to concentrate on.

The Husband deserves all the credit as he has been working his socks off to make it all happen. If the design was down to me it would probably just be white walls and standard light fittings but thankfully he is much braver! That said, we would probably have finished my designs weeks ago!!

We had finished the guest room a while ago and so the next focus was our bedroom. We went for Lamp Room Gray this time and The Husband spent several evenings painting all the walls, the ceiling and the woodwork.




He’s a bit worried it is too dark but I think with all of our white linen it will look warm and cosy.

The next job was the light which was far bigger than I initially had in mind but now it is up I really like it.  Putting it up was not much fun though,  I was balancing the weight of it on my head while up the ladder as The Husband fixed it in place!


The final prep for the room was to hang up our new Roman blinds and varnish the fire place.



While it does seems a shame to cover up the lovely floorboards I really hate being cold and am hoping the carpet will make it really warm.

In the room that will be my study, we have gone for Cornforth White. It was the first room that I have been allowed to paint myself and despite it being the smallest room in the house it took me hours…and we had to go out and buy more paint.

IMG_5216Thank fully we were all done in time and the carpets are now in – Whoop Whoop.  Here is a quick glimpse of the bedroom:



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The moment I get to take a hot bath in my own house is getting closer. We’re just waiting for the plumber to come and do one final job and then it needs a deep clean but this is where we are so far:



IMG_5161I’ve never been so excited about cleaning the bathroom!



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When I think things are moving slowly I like to look back at the photos of where we started.  The bathroom is finally taking shape but this is what it looked like when we picked up the keys:

Bathroom Bathroom

We have done lots to strip it all back and bring it into one room and have then spent time plastering it all and getting it ready to tile.  We bought the bathroom suite months ago and it has just been sat in boxes taking up space in our ‘bedroom’ and so it is exciting that things are finally underway.

The Husband painted the ceiling and walls and we have now handed the space over to the professionals to work their magic.  I hate being cold and despite the room being quite large, there is not actually that much space for a radiator so we are only going to have a heated towel rail.  Instead, we have decided to have underfloor heating and that was the first thing to go down:


Next was the floor and we have gone for a dark wood design from Aqua-Step.  The floor is designed for wet rooms and spas so there is no danger of it getting too slippery or being damaged by all the water.

Currently the tiles are being installed.  At one point The Husband was going to do it but we have got a specialist in and I’m glad we made that decision.  As the house is so old, none of the walls are straight and so it has taken some skill to get it looking ‘straight’.  We’re having tiles half way up three of the walls and then floor to ceiling around the shower:


If all goes to plan it should all be in this time next week.  We have also had a broken pane of glass replaced in the room and so the odd-jobs are starting to be ticked off.  My relaxing bath is finally in sight…

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Given the fact we have pretty much been homeless for the past few weeks we have (or mainly The Husband has) spent every spare second working on the top floor bedroom so we could move in.  It is the first room we have completed and so it has been a bit of a learning curve as neither of us are experienced painters but we have got there.  Eventually we hope it will be a quest room but for the next few weeks it is going to be our room.

We have spent ages stripping everything back and replastering the ceiling, some of the walls and installing the little fire.  We made the decision not to replaster every wall as don’t want the house to look too ‘new’ but we have sanding back any bumps to try and make the finish as good as possible.  We had also stripped and sanded back all the woodwork.  This is where we had got to:

IMG_3911 - Copy

We spent quite a bit of time cleaning it all to remove as much dust as possible:

IMG_3909 - Copy

IMG_3898 - CopyI found just adding the base coat white paint was pretty exciting as it was the first bit of ‘decorating’ that we had done:

IMG_3912 - Copy IMG_3932 - CopyAgain, The Husbands eye for detail meant we added more finishing touches than I would have thought of including the ceiling rose and cornicing:

IMG_3962 IMG_3961

It was starting to look so different and homely that I was nervous about adding a colour but we had spent hours and hours choosing the themes of the different rooms that it made sense to stick to the plan and we’re really pleased we did.  We have gone for Farrow & Ball’s Calamine as it is not too girly and has a really nice depth to it:

IMG_3966 IMG_3969 IMG_3967We have also added the new window lock and handles:


We have got paint all over the floor but the carpet is on order and so that will cover that up!  For now all that is left is for the electrician to come and put in the sockets and for us to clean up the tiles around the fireplace (which are black with dirt).

We don’t have much furniture and so we’ll be camping up there for a while yet with an old mattress and hanging rail but we have finally made the move upstairs!

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The Husband is definitely the one with the eye for detail in our house project and since we moved in he has been wanting to install wooden paneling all the way up the stairs.  He has set himself quite a project given it needs to cover three floors but it is starting to take shape and is looking really good.  He’s had a little help from his dad but as I write this he is sanding away and has been doing so for the last couple of hours…

IMG_3869 IMG_3868As soon as the top detail was added on it transformed the look and feel of it all and although it has taken a long time, I’m starting to see what a difference it will make once finished.

IMG_3974 IMG_3976At the same time he is sanding down all the original hand rails and balustrades:


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We had imagined that after the wedding things would calm down a bit and we’d have a relaxing summer ahead of our autumn honeymoon.  The plan was to use our spare time to crack on with the top bedrooms so that we could move upstairs before our two year anniversary in the house (end of Oct).  However, things haven’t quite gone to plan as we returned from a weekend away to discover the basement was flooded…

We’d had such a great weekend with some friends and on more than one occasion I had commented on how nice it was to be having time off from the house.  The sun was out, we were in good company and the food and drink was delicious.  Unfortunately, all was forgotten as we parked up and saw our neighbours running towards us.  They explained that their basement was flooded with sewage and as soon as we opened our front door we realised we had a similar problem.  Luckily (if that is the right word) we managed to get home just in time to save 99% of our belongings by moving them up to the ground floor.

The flood was coming through the wall from next door and had just started entering the bedrooms as we got there.  Our neighbours basement has not been converted but they use one of the rooms as a study and they had been down there when they heard the water start to gush through – had they not been home to deal with it immediately it could have been a lot worse.  The issue for us was that it had destroyed the only part of the house we could sleep in and the ground floor was now piled high with everything we owned so we had to move out and go and stay with family.

The water company has now taken responsibility for the crack but it is a complete mess down there.  It been professionally cleaned, we’ve had the plaster board ripped off to a metre high and the bathroom units and tiles have all been taken down as the polluted water had got behind it all.

IMG_3876 IMG_3877 IMG_3889 - Copy IMG_3896 - Copy IMG_3892 - Copy

We currently have huge industrial dehumidifies down there and polythene sheets have been installed to dry everything out as quickly as possible: IMG_3972 IMG_3971

To top it all off I have had shingles so it has definitely been a fun few weeks.  We moved home last weekend and have been camping between all of our things for the past few days but we’ve been making good progress upstairs…

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It has been a while since I posted an update but that is not to say we have been ignoring the house.  We’ve been pushing on with a few small jobs but it’s fair to say our priority has been our recent celebration in which The Boyfriend became The Husband!

We’re now back home with a bit more time on our hands so the house is our number one focus.  Another big hold up has been that we have been waiting for a new window for the top floor and have had a number of delays courtesy of the builder…It needed to be custom made to fit the space and ensure it was strong enough to hold up the roof.  Five months after we were told it would arrive it finally came and we’re really happy with how it looks:

IMG_3420 You can see below that the style is very similar to what was there before but the wood is no longer rotting! Windows The other reason we were so keen to get the window in was so that we could reinstate the ceiling on the top floor and then finish the plastering up there. It had looked like the photos below and was letting out all the heat! IMG_2123 IMG_3419It was reassuring to see the plasterboard being put back in: IMG_3422 IMG_3427And we now have a proper ceiling again (it just needs a bit of paint). IMG_3867

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