It has been a while since I posted an update but that is not to say we have been ignoring the house.  We’ve been pushing on with a few small jobs but it’s fair to say our priority has been our recent celebration in which The Boyfriend became The Husband!

We’re now back home with a bit more time on our hands so the house is our number one focus.  Another big hold up has been that we have been waiting for a new window for the top floor and have had a number of delays courtesy of the builder…It needed to be custom made to fit the space and ensure it was strong enough to hold up the roof.  Five months after we were told it would arrive it finally came and we’re really happy with how it looks:

IMG_3420 You can see below that the style is very similar to what was there before but the wood is no longer rotting! Windows The other reason we were so keen to get the window in was so that we could reinstate the ceiling on the top floor and then finish the plastering up there. It had looked like the photos below and was letting out all the heat! IMG_2123 IMG_3419It was reassuring to see the plasterboard being put back in: IMG_3422 IMG_3427And we now have a proper ceiling again (it just needs a bit of paint). IMG_3867

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As part of our restoration project we have restored the fireplace in the living room and the master bedroom.  The one in the living room has been used lots this winter but we’re yet to use the one upstairs.

On the top floor, we’re planning to turn the room into a guest room so have not lined the chimney but did want to install a little fireplace to add some character to the room.  We discovered the tiles from the hearth when we ripped up the carpet and that made us more determined to put a fireplace back in.  The Boyfriend managed to find a lovely little fireplace locally and it’s now been installed:

IMG_2812 IMG_2821

The hearth is not in the middle of the wall which is a bit odd but we decided to keep it where it was originally.

We’re currently in the process of stripping off the wall paper of the back bedroom and have discovered yet another filled in fireplace.  We’ve yet to work out how this room will be designed but we could be on the hunt for another fireplace soon!


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The carpentry excitement has continued and we are starting to get a feel for what the hallway will look like when all the work has been finished.  It’s been one of my favourite bits of work so far and we have gone from looking like this:

IMG_2259to this:

IMG_2916The landing is also looking much better and has been fitted to look like this:


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It’s starting to get quite exciting in the house again as lots of really small little things are making quite a difference.  I’m sure that no-one else will be able to notice them but we know they are taking place!

For example, the doorway has been put back onto the main bathroom (we’re reusing the one that was there originally), the skirting board has been replaced in the entrance hall and the damaged woodwork around the kitchen door has been replaced:

IMG_2817 IMG_2780 IMG_2783We’ve also started to see progress on the staircase as new handrail posts have been installed on the first floor:

IMG_2786The first floor has been laid in the new bathroom and the window frames are back in place:

IMG_2793A new little cupboard has been built on the stairs:

IMG_2784And we’re very excited about the newel post we’ve found for the stairs.  The Boyfriend had to trek all the way to Barnsley to rescue it from an old barn restoration but it’s so much better than any of the ‘new’ ones we’d seen for sale.  We can’t wait to see it all in place properly!


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2013 was a busy year for our little house project.  We achieved a lot more than we thought we would and dealt with a few hiccups here and there too.  As we enter 2014 we have:

  • A roof that doesn’t leak
  • Smart barge boards
  • Newly painted windows
  • A hallway (now that the doors/walls to both flats have been taken out)
  • A lovely front door with lots of new door furniture
  • An extra room on the top-floor
  • A new boiler and heating system (that is fully installed and working)
  • Radiators that are in, working and facing the right way
  • Lights in the top two floors (so I don’t have to wait until the weekend to see what has been happening)
  • The makings of a family bathroom now that the two rooms have been combined
  • And my favourite of all is the new fireplace in the living room which has been put to work over the last few weeks

Here are some of our latest achievements:

We’ve plastered the bathroom wall and now have light switches and a temperature controller on it (the first photo was taken looking up the stairs while the second is from the landing)

IMG_1091IMG_2622We’ve replastered the bedroom ceiling on the top floor

IMG_1093 IMG_2624We finally took the oven that was in our ‘bedroom’ to the dump

IMG_0860And, there is no longer a huge hole in the wall where the old boiler was.




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Over the last few days the bathroom furniture has been starting to arrive so we’ve spent today measuring out where we need all the pipes to go.  We’ve gone for a traditional Victorian style bathroom suite and it was fun to see it all in place.

IMG_2638 IMG_2631 IMG_2635

The outside wall has also been replastered (so you can’t see in as you walk up the stairs!) and the first fix of electrical cables are all installed.


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It has been a very exciting week!  I was dreading coming home last weekend, The Boyfriend was away, I’d spent hours in the car and the warning light had just come on to say it was getting cold outside – I therefore did not want to leave my warm car and enter the freezing house.

I could tell something was different as soon as I turned the key and I think I’d have opened a bottle of bubbly if I wasn’t on my own.  It sounds weird but I could ‘smell’ the heating as I stepped inside as I wasn’t greeted by the usual cold draft.  It was a major landmark!!  It was so nice to be able to walk in and take my coat off (I normally keep it on as long as possible).  For the first time in weeks, the house felt nice and cosy.  The entrance hall is still freezing so all the doors have to be kept shut but I’m not complaining as we’re heading in the right direction.

As it was so dark I wasn’t able to investigate upstairs but this weekend I’ve been able to go for a proper explore and can confirm that nearly all of the new radiators have been installed and are working – whoop whoop!! IMG_2616 IMG_2615 IMG_2608 IMG_2606 The boiler has taken a lot of time to get set up and the bathroom it is in is such a mess that I can’t imagine it ever looking like a nice guest bathroom but we can worry about that in the future.  For now, we can just be excited to have a new and improved heating system up and running.

IMG_2397On the subject of heating, we also been improving the insulation system.  This has meant The Boyfriend has spent a lot of time up in a tiny space but we’re hoping it will all be worth it in the end.


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